Pike Constructions acknowledges and understands its environmental impact and is committed to meeting community, legislative and social expectations. We are actively integrating environmental management into our core business activities and environmental sustainability into our project designs. Environmental awareness, education and commitment help us to reduce our footprint and we provide our people with the necessary tools to allow them to conduct our day to day operations without having a negative impact upon the environment.

Environmental best practice is a key part of all our projects and this is supported by developing project specific Environmental Management Plans. We aim to minimise the impact of our operations in many areas, including air and water quality, noise and vibration levels, native flora and fauna, soil conditions and areas of historic and cultural significance. In addition Pike Constructions implement specific recycling initiatives customised to each project and track our results through the QHSE Data Manager system.

The QHSE Data Manager enables us to assess the environmental impact of our activities and record any environmental incidents and schedule actions for remediation. It also allows us to monitor community risks and any social impacts that may be a result of our business operations.

Our commitment to the environment is not restricted to our work practices, it is also a focus on our many design and construct projects. ESD design measures are a major driver during the design and documentation phase. A good example of this was during the construction of our new energy efficient office & warehouse. Sound ESD principles were achieved utilising high performance glass, “Coolclad” roofing & insulation systems, stormwater harvesting which is reticulated back through the wet areas and landscaping, internal movement sensor lighting and VRV mechanical airconditioning just to name a few.

Not only did the design measures help to achieve our goals but the recycling and re-use of demolition materials ensured we hit our targets. All demolished materials were separated & recycled and in particular the bricks from the existing 1920’s dwellings were individually cleaned, palletised and sent away for re-sale. The most striking part of this initiative was the reuse of the Jarrah timber floor joists which now form an iconic feature on our main staircase.

Our integrated approach to Quality, Safety and Environmental Management gives us the ideal platform for continual improvement. It is Pike Constructions commitment, spanning over 30 years which gives our clients assurance they are working with an industry leader.