The Pelican Point Terminal project is a new fuel storage & distribution facility that will be constructed on a site area of approximately 60,000m2. Situated near the entrance of the Port River the new Terminal is adjacent the ASC Ship Yards and Techport Facility. The project is on a large scale and is divided into two distinct areas being the inner and outer compounds.

The inner compound is a fully bunded area of some 30,000m2 which will include 8 fuel storage tanks. The fuel storage tanks will have the capacity to hold 84 million litres of fuel at any one time. Fuel is delivered to the inner compound tanks through a network of external pipe lines reticulated directly from the docked ships at the Outer Harbour berth.

The remainder of the site is the outer compound which is the main service area for the facility. This part of the works provides several structures including the main Gantry building, Pipe Support Bridge, Wharf-line Pump Manifold Building and Control Room. The outer compound also includes large areas of heavy duty concrete pavements, access haulage roads, waster water filtration plant and associated site works.